Activities and Projects

Below you will find items that are broken down by different subject areas. The club will use this page when we meet in order to discuss those specific topics and/or allow the students to work on those sections on their own. As new activities and projects are created, we will add them to this page. We will be working on moving over items from the old website as well.

Practice Tests and Flash Cards

With this activity, as a group we are going to create new accounts on HamExam.org and review how you can use this website to go through and take practice examples. This site also has the ability to use flash cards, so that you can work on just a few (or only one) section at a time in order to master that section. If you log into your account to use the services, it will log the statistics of your efforts. This way, you can judge and determine if you are ready to move on, or what areas you need to work on. Click the link below to connect to the website.

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